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A unique mix of traditional and modern worlds, with century old temples and ultra-modern shopping malls, an interesting melting pot of Philippine people from all over the country who come here to pursue a prosperous life, resulting in the most diverse food scene in Philippines, the beautiful and sort of mystic Pasig River that lures with romantic sunset boat cruises, countless of vibrant day- and night markets, hotels with fantastic value-for-money and, of course, the world’s most exciting nightlife and beautiful girls wherever you go.

A good friend of mine who recently visited me here put it right when he said that Philippines is more beautiful during the night than during the day: It’s not as hot, not as crowded, and the mostly grey buildings convert into an illuminated and colourful wonderland after sunset that makes you feel incredibly excited when you sit in the taxi on the way to your next beer bar, sky bar or massage salon and Philippines sex.

Welcome to Manila Courtesans ultimate nightlife guide to Philippines Sex (with a focus on the best places to meet Philippines Sex girls. I’ll give you a quick overview of the best nightlife areas in the capital and I’ll show you the different types of nightlife spots and sex in the Philippines. Philippines is the perfect place to relax, watch the people and street life, play pool, meet other tourists and expats – and of course also to have a drink with a Philippines Sex Girls . The atmosphere is much more easy-going than in the go go bars where you’ll constantly be approached by the girls asking for drinks and you can easily find and match a sex in the Philippines.